Your Travel

Enjoy a lifetime experience with your personal driver in Sri Lanka

What is included in your travel :

  • all my knowledge and happiness to help you plan your trip in Sri Lanka
  • all is included, no additional fee
  • you have only to book your accommodations. I can help you with that also if you need to
  • pick up at the airport
  • help for translation
  • kids are welcome

6 (very) good reasons to travel with Dilan as your private driver in Sri Lanka 

1. In Sri Lanka, you have to drive on the left handside of the road… but also, there are cows, elephants, monkeys and the way other sri lankan people drive is very special !

In Sri Lanka, animals are free and they can do what they want. Sometimes, elephants are staying on the road and only let you pass if you give them enough bananas 🙂

2. The price of renting a car is similar as having your personnal driver and you wil be super zen

Have you ever felt the fear of crashing the car you have rent ? Have you ever been out of petrol in the middle of nowhere ?

This will never happen with travel with Dilan in Sri Lanka, your personnal driver

Your travel in Sri Lanka will be so different with the knowledge of the driver

You planned to go from Bentota to Galle ? You expect to see only the road, and again the road ?

With travel with Dilan, you’ll can so to very special places to see sea turtles and nice fishes just close to the beach along the road…

3. Very few road signs, it is so easy to be lost and waste your precious time !

Almost none of the touristic places are indicated. I think you won’t be happy to miss this nice local Perahera or seeing the leopard just because you arrived to late…

4. It is vey difficult to find hotels and guesthouses without a driver cause GPS are not very good in Sri Lanka…

I wil also help you to phone your hotels and translate your wishes in restaurants and shops

5. You make a good action : your are dealing directlly with the driver and you save money

So many drivers have to sleep in their car cause they are attached with a large compagny

By working directly with Dilan, you help him have a smarter life

Also, you save money because you haven’t to pay the usual commissions to these compagnies !

6. Your driver in Sri Lanka is also your personal guide to feel like a local

You don’t want to be fooled by unpleasant people ? You want to see rela life in Sri Lanka, and pay no more than Sri Lankan people do ?

Dilan is always here to help you.

Being a guide is regulated in Sri Lanka, but Dilan knows so well his country that even though he is not an official guide, so he can’t go with you in the Unesco sites, he can provide you so much tips, that is will make you travel from a simple travel to a real experience in Sri Lanka

All is included with your travel with a driver in Sri Lanka :

You want to make one of the best trips in your life ?

With someone always here to help you ?

Travel with Dilan in Sri Lanka is made for you :

  • private car
  • Air Conditioned
  • Acces to WiFi

All my knowledge to make your trip just as your dreams (i am born in Sri Lanka and I travl with tourists since so many years, I can explain you all you want to know about animals, birds, food, culture, etc…)

All my hapiness to make your trip unforgetable

  • 150 km per day
  • Kids are welcome
  • English spoken

My only goal is to make travels happy, you can have a look to the testimonials (lien vers les testimonials)

So I wil ever be here to help you.

I remeber this familly, who wanted to watch the layong of sea turtles. They asked me to help them to find an accomodations and the turtle watch tour included. I managed to arrange them the whole tour with very repectful aces to turtles on the beach at night , for less than 25 euros. It remains one of their best moment of communion with nature in their life.

What is the price to travel with Dilan, your personnal driver in Sri Lanka :

Road Trip through the Sri lankan country

All is included, no suprise.

  • From 1 day to 1 week : 65 $ / day (57 €)
  • For more than 1 week : 55 $  / day (49€)

It is also usual to give a tip to the driver. Usually it is around 5 or 6 € per day

Transfert from Colombo / Negombo Airport + accommodation for your first night

75 $ (67 €) all included