Who is Dilan?

Enjoy a lifetime experience with your personal driver in Sri Lanka

Hi I am Dilan.

I have ever lived in Sri Lanka with my family and my two young kids.

I have a small house in the neighborhood of Negombo’s airport and I know every secret of my mother country, its people, and natural beauty.

I speak fluent English.

I am passionate about my beautiful country and I love to share my knowledge of every part of Sri Lanka to help you enjoy one of the best trip who can dream.

I am driving people trough Sri Lanka since several years and I will help you with driving all the way long, meet real Sri Lankan people, discover the food, nature and cultural uniqueness of the country.

I will share with you all the tips that only a local can know.

Where to see easily wild turtles and enormous bats? How to negociate the best prices with locals? What is the best way to see lepard? How to enjoy food without the fire of too much spice? How to taste the biggest wild prawns you have ever seen? What is the finest tea?

You can see the testimonials to see how I care about the people I help discovering Sri Lanka.

Feel free to contact me for your tour through my WhatsApp or Facebook page.